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Production / Project;
Hidden Cities

'Hidden Cities'

Videography: James Lauritz




Hidden Cities is a triptych of outdoor light and projection installations by VCA Design and Production students. Taking inspiration from passages of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities (1972) juxtaposed with viewpoints on lives in the contemporary metropolis, each installation journeys through the multi-faceted nature of urban existence in the 21st Century.

Complex layers of new worlds built upon the ancient dissolving and coalescing into a kaleidoscopic ephemeral “atlas”, etched in light across the heart of the University of Melbourne’s Southbank campus. Three roads in and three roads out, the audience chooses their own pathway between.


'This Celestial City'

Lucy Anderson

Sara Bayley

Harrison Croft

Chiara Wenban

'Among the Stars'

Lara Gabor

Heath Roberts

Taishah Simcox

Sophie Walter


Serge Balaam

Saskia Permezel

Arielle Roberts

Jess Smart

Tom Vulcan