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Yangjie Chen
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design & Performance Design)
Graphic Design / Performance Design
Image of three colourful sidewalk billboard poster designs, text reads, Meltdown 30

Rebrand for 'Meltdown' Music Festival

Poster design (3 out of 8)

Booklet cover with text 'Meltdown 30' on white surface

Rebrand for 'Meltdown Music Festival'

Program Booklet Design

Banner with text Melbourne University fencing club and three figures with fencing swords

Rebrand 'Melbourne University Fencing Club'

Club Banner Design

Six different tote bag designs featuring cats

Rebrand 'Smitten Cat Milk'

Tote Bag Design

Diagram of human body parts depicting path of connection

Map of Human Body

Original Pictograms and Map design to educate blood flow in human body.

Three images, wayfinding pictograms on two walls and one on a glass door

Wayfinding for Buxton Contemporary

Wall Map and Pictogram Indications

Wayfinding images for building depicting layout of rooms and location of ammenities

Wayfinding for Buxton Contemporary

Website Mockup

Croissant drawn in elevation, plan and section views

Anatomy of a Croissant

Plan, elevation and section drawings of a croissant


Jenny Chen, a recent graduate with a double major in Graphic Design and Performance Design from the University of Melbourne, has nurtured her artistic passion since childhood. As she continued to grow and develop her skills, her perspective on design shifted from a vehicle for self-expression to a means of delivering purpose and functionality.

Jenny has a genuine fascination with aesthetics and an unwavering commitment to innovation. She envisions embarking on her professional journey in Hong Kong, a city renowned for its harmonious blend of Asian design sensibilities and cutting-edge technology, reflecting her aspiration to contribute to the evolving landscape of design in a rapidly changing world.