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Kiara Brown
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production)
Set and Costume Designer
Sketch of a person in a ruffled dress and corset, holding an umbrella, standing next to a tree, signed "The Citizens."

Costume Design 'Dance Nation'

The Citizens

Pencil drawing of a mannequin in a glittery dress with ruffled shoulders and a leafy hem, titled "The Spirit of Gondwana."

Costume Design 'Dance Nation'

The Spirit of Gandhi

Coloured sketch of a person in a traditional Indian sari with gold detailing and bangles, with star motifs and the name "Gandhi."

Costume Design 'Dance Nation'

Gandhi (Made in collaboration with Shanu Sobti and Emily Tomlins)

Artistic sketch of a person in a dynamic pose wearing a flowing red dress, named "Amina's Last Dance."

Costume Design 'Dance Nation'

Amina's Last Dance

Sketch of a person in a dance teacher's outfit with trousers and a high-neck top, labelled "Dance Teacher Pat."

Costume Design 'Dance Nation'

Dance Teacher Pat #1

Drawing of a person in a modern dance outfit with baggy trousers and a crop top, signed "Dance Teacher Pat."

Costume Design 'Dance Nation'

Dance Teacher Pat #2

Drawing of an actor in an elaborate red dress with feathered shoulders, titled "Snow White."

Costume Design 'Snow White'

Snow White

Pencil sketch of a stage with draped curtains and a wide staircase, indicating a set design.

Set Design 'Snow White'

Set Design Rendering

A portrait image of Kiara Brown

Kiara is an emerging set and costume designer based in Naarm. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Kiara's VCA credits include Associate Costume Designer for ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’ and Costume Designer for 'Dance Nation' in which she worked alongside director Emily Tomlins.

Due to her intercultural upbringing in Indonesia, Kiara is interested in works that discuss culture, language and home. Kiara is the proud recipient of the Agnes Robertson Scholarship and hopes to use the awarded funds to experiment with dramaturgical, design based storytelling and ultimately stage her passion project that discusses intergenerational trauma and culture shock.

A portrait image of Kiara Brown