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Jessica Smart
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production)
Stage Manager / Production Manager
Jessica and crew in discussion on a darkened stage with blue stage lighting.

Assistant Production Manager 'Heathers the Musical'

Jessica troubleshooting set elements with makers, stage management and set designer during a technical hold

Photo: Deryk McAlpin

Detailed production schedule for 'Heathers The Musical' outlining activities and personnel.

Assistant Production Manager 'Heathers the Musical', Production Schedule

Extract of the Production Schedule created by Jessica

Jessica at the production desk during a rehearsal.

Stage Manager 'INCONSOLABLE +4'

Jessica calling from the prompt copy during a 'INCONSOLABLE +4' technical rehearsal

Photo: Deryk McAlpin

Rehearsal schedule for 'INCONSOLABLE + 4' with studio locations and times.

Stage Manager 'INCONSOLABLE +4', Weekly Schedule

Example of a weekly rehearsal schedule for 'INCONSOLABLE +4', created and distributed to the full company each week

Script page from a prompt copy with stage directions and cues for a theatre production.

Stage Manager 'INCONSOLABLE +4', Show Call Extract

Show call excerpt from Hotel (Scene 4) of 'INCONSOLABLE +4', created by Jessica. This includes a fast paced fight scene and transition into Night (Scene 5).

Props preset list for 'Urinetown The Musical' with item details and usage notes.

Assistant Stage Manager 'Urinetown', Prompt Side Preset List

Example of the prompt side preset list created by Jessica

Jessica overseeing a theatre set-up with scaffolding and lighting rigs.

Assistant Production Manager 'Heathers the Musical'

Jessica monitoring 'Heathers the Musical' bump out progress and calling crew breaks

Photo: Deryk McAlpin

Technical schedule for 'Heathers The Musical' showing crew tasks and times.

Assistant Production Manager 'Heathers the Musical', Updated Daily Technical Schedule

Example of a updated daily technical schedule, created and distributed daily by Jessica

Props budget and management list for 'Heathers The Musical' with costs and status.

Assistant Production Manager 'Heathers the Musical', Props Budget and Management List

Example of the props budget and management document for 'Heathers the Musical' created and managed by Jessica

Stage with multilevel scaffolding under vibrant stage lighting during a technical run.

Assistant Production Manager 'Heathers the Musical'

Example of the large set and lighting design, in 'Heathers the Musical' Act 2 Scene 6

Photo: Ben Fon

A portrait photo of Jessica Smart

Jessica Smart is an emerging stage manager based in Melbourne and is passionate about bringing stories to life on the stage in all theatre forms.

She had the honour of learning from stage managers with years of experience through her internships with Melbourne Theatre Company's 'Is God Is' and Malthouse Theatre's 'Telethon Kid' where she took on assistant stage management responsibilities.

She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) in 2023 at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) with a focus on stage management.

Her VCA credits include Lighting Programmer and Operator for 'First Love is the Revolution', Assistant Stage Manager for 'Urinetown: The Musical', Stage Manager for 'Inconsolable plus 4', and Assistant Production Manager for 'Heathers the Musical'.

A portrait photo of Jessica Smart