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Jacques Cooney Adlard
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design & Performance Design)
Graphic Design
Vinyl album cover with yellow typographic design, on an astroturf background.

Album Cover Redesign: Pet Sounds

Redesigning the album cover for 'Pet Sounds' by The Beach Boys.

Restaurant menu with red headings on a wood table beside a coffee cup.

For Change Café Rebranding

Concept brand identity for a not-for-profit café in a vintage railway building

Billboard with colourful abstract pattern and 'Future Escapes' text in a field.

Immersive Branding & Website for Future Escapes

Future Escapes is an immersive design experience that invites travellers to explore and embrace their ideal futures through a captivating blend of design, destination matching and visual storytelling.

Stylised milk bottle ads with red illustrations on vintage photo backdrops.

Saint David Dairy Rebranding

A concept brand identity blending mid-century warmth and modernity

Green and white leaf-patterned brochure for Dr. Jane Getty on a neutral background.

Bay Laurel Psychiatry Branding

Brand identity & website design for a private medical practice

Promotional graphics for designX event with vivid gradients and bold text.

DesignX Exhibition Branding

Revealing the essence of design through clarity and transparency

Theatrical design rendering with silhouetted figures in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, with sunset lighting effects.

Lighting Design Proposal: Dawn

Illuminating the chaos of New York through Federico García Lorca's poetry

Red Holden signage on a modern grey building.

Holden Rebranding Concept

Concept rebranding for a classic Australian car brand

Illustration of a textured, colourful mythical creature on a dark backdrop.

Costume Design: Erysichthon – Metamorphoses

Design concept for Erysichthon from Mary Zimmerman’s 1996 play Metamorphoses

Stack of 'A Very Short Introduction' books with red, green and purple colour-coded spines, highlighting historical and legal topics.

Book Cover Redesign: A 'Very Short Introductions' Series

This project reimagines the 'Very Short Introductions' series book covers using layered paper-inspired visuals.

Illustration of a textured, colourful mythical creature on a dark backdrop.

Jacques Cooney Adlard is a dedicated graphic designer from Melbourne, drawing inspiration from both traditional and avant-garde design. He combines established wisdom with innovative techniques to create immersive brand identities that push creative boundaries.

Jacques' equal passion for immersive entertainment, particularly theme park design and lighting design, is evident within his graphic design work, creating brand identities that captivate, immerse, and engage viewers.

In the coming year, Jacques will serve as the president of the Graphic Design Club at the University of Melbourne. Looking ahead, he aims to be a driving force in shaping the future of brand identity design.

Illustration of a textured, colourful mythical creature on a dark backdrop.