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Gaius Kwong
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design & Performance Design)
Graphic Design
Animated stickers with cheeky 'I Need A Job' text and smiley faces on a dark background.

Branding Campaign: Please Hire Gaius

Gaius Kwong's 'Please Hire Me Campaign': a fun, quirky quest featuring his creative chops through vibrant portfolios, snazzy business cards, eye-catching posters, and unique logos, culminating his University of Melbourne adventure and launching his graphic design identity into the professional realm with a splash!

Designer business card with emoticon face graphic and 'Please Hire Me' slogan.

Branding Project: Please Hire Gaius – Business cards

Contact information for hiring Gaius

Street posters featuring 'Need a Creative Designer', emoticon faces and contact information.

Branding Project: Please Hire Gaius – Poster Set

Designed to spread my Gaius' name on the streets

atterned blue background with multiple milk bottles showcasing 'TeadMilk' branding.

Branding: TedMilk

TedMilk package design

Outdoor advertising with 'Stop Growling' message and milk bottle graphic, promoting TedMilk.

Branding: TedMilk – Posters

Poster set designed for millennial demographic

Corporate stationery set for Holden with minimalist lion silhouette branding.

Holden Automotive Corporate Identity

Holden is one of Australia’s longest existing car manufacturing brands merging heritage and modern aesthetics.

Billboard displaying a Holden car with 'Made For Australians By Australians' slogan.

Holden Automotive Poster Design

Holden automotive poster set

Bus stop adverts with Holden car image and 'Made For Australians By Australians' text.

Holden Automotive Banner Design

Holden automotive banners

Festival flyers with bold stripes and pink highlights for 'The Beat' event.

Branding: Glow Eindhoven – Prints

Glow annually dazzles Eindhoven city with an enchanting display of cutting-edge illuminated artworks, designed with dynamic geometry, innovation, and unforgettable visuals

Collection of 'Very Short Introductions' books with thematic black-and-white photographic covers on scientific and cultural topics.

Publication Design Series: Oxford University Press

Book covers for for Oxford University Press' 'Very Short Introductions' series

atterned blue background with multiple milk bottles showcasing 'TedMilk' branding.

Gaius Kwong, a 2023 Bachelor of Design graduate with a major in Graphic Design, currently resides in the dynamic city of Melbourne, Australia. His design journey has been enriched by the diverse places he's called home, each contributing a unique dimension to his creative path.

Gaius is a relentless design scholar, deeply immersed in multifaceted design domains, with a primary focus on brand identity. His mission? To facilitate profound connections between brands and their audiences through compelling visual narratives. What truly ignites Gaius is the art of storytelling through design, where every project – be it a logo, a branding campaign, or creative content – presents an opportunity to craft narratives.

atterned blue background with multiple milk bottles showcasing 'TedMilk' branding.