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Ella Witchell
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design & Performance Design)
Graphic Design
Red 'Ariacana' tarot card deck box with 'The Fool' card visible.

Packaging Design for Ariiacana Tarot Deck

The Ariacana Tarot Deck is my response to our final, self-directed brief. The name comes from ‘aria’ meaning song, and ‘arcana’ meaning tarot cards. The box design references the lights and curtains of Broadway and features iconic theatre masks.

Illustrated tarot cards with classic tarot figures represented by iconic music theatre characters.

Packaging Design: Ariacana Tarot Deck

Each card has been paired with a Broadway show with similar characters and themes and is digitally illustrated using Procreate.

Sunscreen advertisement with bold 'Naked Sundays' text over a beach background.

Rebrand: Naked Sundays

This rebrand is inspired by nostalgia, youthfulness, Australian landscapes and summer vacations. The logo blends retro and contemporary elements to create an eye-catching, yet minimal design.

Neon coloured music album displays for Billie Eilish albums, mocked up on record sleeves and street billboards.

Record Cover Design: My Future

Record cover redesign for Billie Eilish’s ‘My Future’. The cover depicts Billie looking in a mirror with her own hand reaching out to comfort her, reflecting the themes of the song. The illustration style is inspired by @lukegoldenboots.

Green and cream-themed branding for Whirl Macadamia Milk with a squiggle motif.

Packaging Design: Whirl Milk

Brand concept and packaging design for Whirl Macadamia Milk. The name is derived from the ‘whorl’ of a plant from which macadamias grow, and the concept is based on being bold yet playful. The branding utilises deeper colours and simple shapes to differentiate it from other plant-based milk brands.

A series of book spines in a rainbow of colours, representing various topics in the Very Short Introductions book series.

Publication Series Design: Oxford's 'Very Short Introductions'

My redesign concept for Oxford University Press’s 'Very Short Introductions' series is based on the idea of 'spectrum' — the spectrum of ideas and the full-colour spectrum. The covers use the title to create a gradient text-based graphic to add visual interest.

Branding mock-ups for 'GLOW Eindhoven' with the letter 'O' replaced by vibrant optical art.

Rebrand: Glow Eindoven

My rebrand for Glow Eindhoven heroes the custom logo graphic that depicts the shape of the city, and pays homage to Eindhoven through the use of circles and organic shapes.

Modern stairway with directional signage in bold typography.

Wayfinding: Buxton Contemporary

Wayfinding redesign concept for Buxton Contemporary Gallery in Southbank. The wayfinding system uses a circle grid to create fluid, quirky shapes while being minimal enough to be used in a gallery space.

SONY packaging concept with a retro brown paper design and vintage colours.

Sony Rebrand

My Sony rebrand concept revolves around the idea of nostalgia and utilises iconic retro Sony colours that were seen on the Sony Walkman Sport. The ‘O’ is filled with red, acting as a sort of play/pause/record button.

A pop-up book design depicting rooms within neighbourhood stores such as a milk bar and pizza shop.

Book Design: The Death of the Neighbourhood

The Death of the Neighbourhood is a project based on Georges Perec’s book Species of Spaces and Other Pieces. I translated this idea into a series of physical pieces, including a pop-up book depicting neglected institutions of a typical neighbourhood (church, cinema, pizza shop and milk bar).

Sunscreen advertisement with bold 'Naked Sundays' text over a beach background.

Ella Witchell is a Melbourne-based graphic designer with a portfolio spanning digital illustration, print design, fine art, and film. She places a strong emphasis on visual storytelling and impactful communication, seamlessly integrating typography, photography, and digital illustration to create bold, contemporary, playful, and engaging designs.

Drawing inspiration from designers such as Elliot Ulm, Kel Lauren, and Annie Atkins, Ella approaches her work with a focus on aesthetics while simultaneously incorporating elements of heritage and history, adding a unique depth to her creations. Through her fusion of research and creativity, Ella crafts designs that feel both current and classic.

Sunscreen advertisement with bold 'Naked Sundays' text over a beach background.