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Ashlea Banon
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design & Performance Design)
Graphic Design
Book cover design for 'Social & Cultural Anthropology' with blue geometric patterns.

Publication Series Design for Oxford's ‘Very Short Introductions'

This series design uses a shape and colour system that can be applied to a range of titles and their typographical needs. The ''Very Short Introductions'' series has over 700 titles, prompting this project to be of a generative nature in relation to the arrangement of shapes.

Graphic design poster for BDES Capstone Celebration displayed on a city street.

Branding And Poster Design: DesignX

Celebrating Melbourne University’s 2023 Design graduates, this exhibition's central theme is ‘unity.’ The chaos of the composition celebrates what it is to be a design student, with each design major being represented by its own planet within the vast universe of design.

Organic almond milk carton with a green and white design, and pattern with almonds and milk droplets.

Packaging Design for Pure Harvest Almond Milk

This packaging combines typesetting and handmade illustrations to suit Pure Harvest’s long-standing reputation and customer base

Person sketching in a black spiral notebook with coffee on the side.

Book Design: BLANK Guided Art Journal

The guided art journal is a unique exploration of colour, space, and time through the lens of past art projects. It encourages failure and experimentation through its tone and visual expression.

Two hands holding takeaway coffee cups with abstract black and white pattern featuring dense handwritten words.

home.two Rebrand (Coffee Cup)

home.two is an organisation that focuses on supporting homeless youth. Both the logo and pattern for home.two’s brand identity are hand-crafted, relating to the themes of collaboration and inclusivity.

Colorful urban posters with abstract shapes advertising the St Kilda Festival.

St Kilda Festival Rebrand

Movement, community, and sea-side views are integral parts of the St Kilda Festival's identity. As a result, this refreshed logo is highly dynamic and flexible in shape, with hand-crafted bubble elements supporting its high-energy style.

Blue book with multicolored arrows on the cover, showing vibrant edges.

Photo Book Design: A to B

Documenting a journey through time and space, this book samples colour from the environment, organising it into colour order. It asks the question 'what is the yellow-iest yellow?' And, 'when does red turn to pink?'

Street art sticker questioning personal appearance on a graffiti-covered pole.

Branding: What if?

What if? is a speculative brand that literally questions beauty standards and the effect that they have on our psyche. It relies on the interaction of the audience to ask their own questions and reflect on their own meaning of beauty.

Vibrant vinyl record cover with psychedelic colors and wave patterns.

Record Cover Design for ‘Willow’ by WILLOW

Using edited photography and analogue typographic treatments, the album embodies the intense emotions conveyed in WILLOW’s lyrics and instrumentals.

Black book with abstract red and white typographic design on cover.

Zine Design: Destruction + Reconstruction

Through the destruction of type, this Zine focuses on the aesthetic qualities that are presented as a result of type losing its intended meaning. Analogue and digital methods have been employed to create emotive compositions.

Graphic design poster for BDES Capstone Celebration displayed on a city street.

Throughout her studies at the VCA under the Graphic Design Major in the Bachelor of Design, Ashlea has developed an appreciation for playful and experimental design through both analog and digital means.

Her designs are highly intentional, using visuals deeply grounded in her concepts. Ashlea's areas of interest lie within branding, publication, and typography.

She is eager to continue absorbing knowledge and skills as she moves away from her studies, allowing her love for all things creative to flourish.

Graphic design poster for BDES Capstone Celebration displayed on a city street.