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Arielle Roberts
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production)
Production Designer & Lighting Technician
Performers in period costumes celebrate on a wooden stage with an overturned chair, under a spotlight.

Lighting Design, ‘Little Women’

Act 1, Scene 1, ‘Our Finest Dreams’

Photo: Ben Fon

A tense scene on stage with actors in period dress, a lantern-lit table at the centre of a discussion.

Lighting Design ‘Little Women’

Act 2, Scene 1 ‘The Weekly Volcano Press’

Photo: Ben Fon

Two female actors in historical attire express concern, one holding a quilt, under dramatic lighting.

Lighting Design ‘Little Women’

Act 1, Scene 1

Photo: Ben Fon

Arielle adjusts stage lighting from a cherry picker above a darkened theatre.

Lighting Designer ‘Little Women’

Rigging During Bump-In

Photo: Deryk McAlpin

Detailed costume design sketch featuring grey trousers and a cropped top with green piping and crochet elements.

Costume Design ‘Fractal’

Siobhan Henderson Costume Working Drawing

Dancers on stage supporting a central figure in a dynamic lift.

Set & Costume Design ‘Fractal’

Siobhan Henderson and Fractal Company. Choreographed by Nicole Corea

Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti

A dance performance on stage with dancers in blue-grey costumes against a backdrop of flowing curtains.

Set & Costume Design ‘Fractal’

Fractal Company. Choreographed by Nicole Corea

Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti

Arielle measuring fabric in a costume workroom.

Costume Designer ‘Fractal’

Arielle in the Costume Workroom

Photo: Deryk McAlpin

A miniature stage model illuminated with vibrant neon lights, showcasing a modern set design.

Set Design ‘Snow White’

Design Studio Project

1:25 Scale Set Model with Practical Lighting

A lone actor stands on a circular stage surrounded by a large illuminated ring.

Associate Lighting Designer, Lighting Programmer, Lighting Operator, ‘Sometimes, Always, Rarely, Never’

Never, Scene 7

Photo: Drew Echberg

A portrait image of Arielle Roberts

Arielle is an emerging multidisciplinary designer and lighting technician from Melbourne/Naarm. She recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

She enjoys creating intricate worlds through immersive storytelling. Arielle's VCA credits include Set and Costume Designer for 'Fractal' (2023), Lighting Designer for 'Little Women' (2023), Associate Lighting Designer and Lighting Programmer for devised theatre works 'Sometimes, Always, Rarely, Never' (2022), and Lighting Programmer/Followspot Operator for 'Merrily We Roll Along' (2022).

She has completed internships on 'Melbourne, Cheremushki' (Victorian Opera), 'Mary Poppins' (Michael Cassel Group), and 'Moulin Rouge! the Musical' (MR Production Australia Pty Ltd).

A portrait image of Arielle Roberts